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Easy arrangement of blue luxury minimalist house design

Decoration inspiration that relies on color dominance is becoming a trend. There are many choices of color domination that can be collaborated with a minimalist interior decoration concept.

In fact, some homeowners consider that color is an important character of the desired atmosphere representation. One choice of color dominance can apply like blue.

The arrangement of the blue luxury minimalist house design can be through various elements and concepts. Display decoration like this will also make the entire room look elegant and wider.

Of course the application of this color must adjust to the ideal aesthetic.

Ideal arrangement of blue luxury minimalist house design

The application required for minimalist blue house design will require some calculations and considerations. This should do so that all parts of the room appear ideal and not excessive.

Moreover, the dominance of blue should also involve very good contrast. The choice of blue for interior decoration can use on many things.

Important elements will be part of the application of this decoration such as walls, floors to all furniture. There are several choices of blue luxury minimalist house design, such as:

1. Use blue paint for one side of the wall

The model of a minimalist decoration in blue can applied to the walls of the room. However, this blue accent does not appear with conventional concepts. Try applying blue only on one side or part of the wall. The appearance of blue paint colors like this can look very ideal and eccentric. Minimalist decorations like this will have a strong character because blue will adjust with other neutral wall paints. Decorations like this can used for living rooms or family rooms. The blue contrast on the wall must also be softer so that it can perfectly integrate in all parts of the decoration.

2. Blue coating on modern furniture

Other decorative inspirations can apply by utilizing modern furniture. At present some choices of modern furniture used for the main room have unique colors such as blue contrast. The modern and minimalist design of the furniture will be one of the accents that make the decor look more comfortable. The application of furniture like this usually consists of large sofas, wooden chairs and tables to partitions or other accessories. Each of the furniture can appear with different blue contrasts. Of course the placement needed also adjusted to the size and function of the room. Also consider the material layer to be collaborated in blue.

3. Dominate blue paint on the bedroom wall

The bedroom is often an important room that gets maximum minimalist interior decoration. This is also what must take into account to make the appearance of blue become ideal. Try using blue paint for all sides of the wall. The concept of color like this must use contrast that is not too excessive. In addition, to support the application of blue on the walls there are usually additional elements that also have the same color. This should often do on curtains with additional accents in the material section. This collaboration indeed considered very perfect for a bedroom that has a wider size.

4. The concept of blue on the floor and part of the wall

A minimalist decoration that displays blue will also applied to the floor. Of course the appearance of this floor will use ceramic material. At present there are many ceramic patterns or patterns that display blue with ideal contrast. Start by choosing ceramics with plain blue ceramic patterns. This method will make it easier to choose paint contrast colors for the wall. The collaboration of walls and floors that have different blue contrasts provides a quite unique atmosphere. This display can do for some rooms such as family rooms or bedrooms. It’s best to avoid using very different blue contrasts on the walls.

5. Blue line accents in the family room

Comfort in the family room is always a major consideration. Minimalist decor with the concept of blue can also applied to the family room. One method should applied by adding special accents to the blue walls. Blue line accents on the wall are examples that can applied to minimalist decorations. Usually such recommendations made in a large family room. The larger the size of the family room of course gives a good effect for the application of the line accent. Moreover, there is another color layer that will apply to the wall. To make the minimalist decoration look ideal, try applying this method to all sides of the wall.

Furniture for blue luxury minimalist house design

Inspiration from blue luxury minimalist house design will also use ideal furniture. Each of this furniture usually adjusted to function and size. Some designs of furniture of course use a minimalist concept to ergonomics. This furniture will place for bedrooms, living rooms, family rooms and kitchens. Of course only some furniture will use the blue concept like that. This is to avoid applying excessive blue domination to minimalist decorations. Here are some choices of furniture ideal for minimalist blue decorations, such as:

1. Large blue sofa for the family room

This furniture is indeed a choice that is often used. Especially nowadays there are many recommendations for large sofas that have different blue contrasts. The material layer on the sofa also gives an influence on the appearance of the dominance of blue used. This concept often used to make the interior better. Usually the appearance of this blue sofa will be collaborated with a sofa cushion that has the same color.

2. Tables and chairs for blue sofa in the living room

The collaboration of furniture provided through this living room can appear with different materials. For example, the sofa chair will use a layer of skin with a blue contrast that is quite soft. At the table can use wood base material or an additional layer of glass at the top. We recommend that furniture like this use the same blue contrast. This look is indeed ideal when used for modern and minimalist furniture designs. Try to choose a table and sofa chair set with a large size so that the decor in the living room looks elegant.

3. Cots or blue beds in the bedroom

One of the furniture that is an important part of the decoration for the bedroom is of course cots or beds. Choose a couch made of wood and has a wider size. Of course this couch also has a blue color according to the desired interior concept. The blue contrast on the couch should be able to be collaborated on the color of the wall paint to the floor.

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