Ceiling Materials

Kind of Material to be Used on Your Ceiling

Do you in need of some advices in choosing what kind of material to be used on your ceiling? The ceiling influences the feels and the looks of the room along with the comfort and safety of the room.

Thus, choosing the right material for your ceiling is important.  However, you don’t have to worry anymore though, because here are some of ceiling building material that you could use on your ceiling.

Material For Ceiling


The first kind of material to be used on your ceiling is wood. Wooden boards are usual component for ceiling.

However, ornamental planks are frequently used to cover the ceiling, or it could cover the whole ceiling. Many kinds of ornamental sculpt are also made from wood.

Plaster and Plasterboard

The second kind of material to be used on your ceiling that you could try is plaster or plasterboard. Plaster is the most traditional material that is used to cover ceiling and it has been used for ages.

Constructing a plaster ceiling needs applicant of some layers of a plaster paste on top of strip of wood. It will create a smooth, soft, hard, and attractive surface that is effortless to decorate with paints or plasters.

Meanwhile, plasterboard is also made of the similar materials; it is cheaper and easier to be installed because it does not need additional time to wait for the coatings of the plaster to dry out.

To install this plasterboard you just need to prefabricate it into layers that attach to the ceiling and then screw it, or you could nail it too. Last but not least, you need to seal it, so it will stay in place.


The third kind of material to be used on your ceiling that you could use is metal. Commonly, metal is frequently used as either a structural or decorative element in a ceiling.

This ceiling is usually made of wires and a metal grid that grasp ceiling tiles. Furthermore, metal is also used as ornamental covering for ceiling. This kind of ornamental covering commonly can be found in pressed tiles or sheets.


The next kind of material to be used on your ceiling is tiles. However, ceiling tiles are quite different from floor or wall tiles. The weight of the tiles won’t be such a complicated problem when decorating a ceiling.

It is lightweight and has wide range of materials such as: plastics, metals, fiberglass and et cetera.

Most of them are created to be installed in a suspended ceiling system. Even though, some of them are created to glue to a ceiling which is perfect for decorating a plain ceiling which is still in decent condition.

Besides their decorative function, ceiling tiles are also frequently created to regulate noise intensity in a room.


Choosing the right material and style of your ceiling is an important thing to do when you are building your house. Many ceilings are created to manage sounds level, and even fire resistant.

Therefore, you should need to choose ceiling material that could be beneficial as well as aesthetically pleasing for you.

Hence, above list is kind of material to be used on your ceiling that you could use as references when you are looking for one. They are woods, plaster and plasterboard, metal and tiles.

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