classic minimalist house design

Simple Application For Classic Minimalist House Design

There are many opportunities to implement classic minimalist house design. This will also be related to conditions up to the size of the entire room in the house. You can use many choices of decorations through the living room, bedroom to the family room.

Each of these rooms, of course, has a different area. Some sides of the room also use ideal material.

The walls, floor, and ceiling of this room must also look perfect with a choice of paint colors. The more choices of color layers for the walls in the room, of course, facilitate the application of minimalist decorations.

Things That Must Be Considered For Classic Minimalist House Design

The application of a classic minimalist house design requires several important elements. This should do so that all parts of the decoration look perfect and ideal. In fact, each of the rooms for the house can also use quite different decoration settings.

The more elements that should take into account for home decoration will usually make the interior look better.

Each of the parts needed for decoration also supported by a concept that is adapted to the conditions of the room.

For example, the interior appearance of the bedroom, of course, will be different from the decoration for the living room. Here are some important things that must consider for the application of the decoration.

1. Material For The Floor Of The Room

Some houses with minimalist decorations will use different materials for the floor. This concept should usually apply to many rooms or rooms.

One material for the floor gives the impression of a minimalist like the raw material of wood floors. The wood material used for the floor should also consider providing comfort while in the room for quite a long time.

Usually materials like this used for bedrooms and family rooms. This should take into consideration, of course, with the application of ceramic floors.

The concept of a floor like this will used for a living room that has a large enough size. Each of these materials should use the same color pattern layer.

Classic and Minimalist Living Room
Classic and Minimalist Living Room

2. Choice of Wall Color

Another thing that must consider is the color of all the walls of the room. Some homeowners may assume that the dominance of colors on the walls of the entire room will look ideal.

In fact, there were several opportunities to use different colors on the walls of the room. This is to show the function of a room that is quite different while making the appearance of the decor more ideal.

The living room and family room should use the dominance of white or other neutral colors.

This neutral color application provides comfort. For the bedroom and kitchen, it may be able to appear with different wall colors. The choice of wall color still carries a minimalist concept.

3. Size Of Furniture In Each Room

Actually, there is a lot of furniture that must place for each room. Moreover, the large size of the room will further facilitate the ideal choice of furniture. Some furniture like this must have the ideal size according to the conditions of each room.

The living room can use large size furniture if the room also looks very large. However, a small room should also have small amounts of furniture. This can apply by using a sofa that is not too large or a small table in the middle of the room.

Furniture in Living Room
Furniture in Living Room

4. Lighting Needed

Other important elements that must take into account are of course using the ideal method of lighting.

The arrangement of this lighting comes from the main and supporting lights placed in the corner of the ceiling. Each room will use a different lighting concept. This can see in the lighting for the living room, family room to the bedroom.

The living room usually requires a lot of lighting. Place decorative lights in the center of the ceiling and add LED lights at each corner.

In the family room, you can use LED lights that are in every corner. The main bedroom can use collaborative colors of different lights such as white and yellow LEDs.

Ideal Furniture For Classic Minimalist House Design

To maximize the appearance of classic minimalist house design, you should use the ideal furniture. Especially nowadays there are many furniture recommendations that can give the best appearance to all parts.

In addition, the design and material of furniture also considered influencing the concept of minimalist interior decoration desired. The ideal design and color of the furniture certainly make the entire room look very comfortable.

Some furniture like this usually has a minimalist and ergonomic concept. The choice of furniture that can place for several rooms such as:

1. Minimalist Sofa For Living Room And Family Room

One of the furniture that needed for minimalist decor is of course by placing the sofa. Currently, there are many design options and sizes of sofas that can use.

Each of the sofa choices usually placed for the family room and living room. If the size of the room is large enough, try to place a sofa with a large size too.

Minimalist sofas are always identical to the material layer and neutral colors for all parts. The living room will require a sofa set that has an ideal design and an additional glass table. However, in the family room, you should place a sofa with a small enough size.

Minimalist Sofa
Minimalist Sofa

2. Ergonomic Beds In The Main Room

The main furniture in the bedroom is a bed. There are many bed design options that have impressive colors. Try to place a bed of sufficient size in the main room.

This bed usually has a layer of wood with an ergonomic design concept. The concept of this bed will be integrated with the storage function through several drawers at the bottom.

The natural design of the bed should also be supported by natural colors seen in wood material. Also, consider the size that makes the decor better. Actually this bed can also use neutral color layers such as white, cream and other domination.

Ergonomic Bed For Minimalist Bedroom
Ergonomic Bed For Minimalist Bedroom

3. Additional Glass Table With Ideal Size

Some rooms in a minimalist house also considered requiring additional tables. This furniture can have the effect of the functions needed.

For example, in the living room, you will use a glass table with customized size. Glass tables like this can collaborate very perfectly for sofas that have many designs.

In addition, glass tables can also be placed for family rooms. However, this glass table will be placed adjacent to one side of the wall.

Another thing that can consider is of course by using a glass table on the bed. The size of the glass table is usually quite small and placed on the side of the bed.

Final Words

Those are some applications to be working on your interior to aim a classic minimalist house design concept. Hopefully, it could tickle your ideas and inspirations right away.

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