Minimalist Home Facade Design Ideas

3 Stunning Ideas of the Minimalist Home Facade Design

The minimalist home facade design is one of the most popular exterior designs nowadays. The term minimalist and facade themselves cannot be simply separated with each other.

The facade is basically an important part at home that gives a more aesthetic sense on it. Sure, if you want to make your home look more minimalist, the right facade should be applied well.

So, what are the best facade ideas for a minimalist home design? Here they are.

Minimalist Home Facade Design Ideas

Granite Facade for a Touch of Luxury

Minimalist home design doesn’t always mean that it must be simple or modest. You can make it look luxurious and elegant through the minimalism itself. One of them is seen from the application of granite. Granite is quite expensive indeed but you should not worry. It doesn’t mean you need to apply it to the entire facade. Applying it on the edges is enough and the rest can just remain plain.

However, the decision of using granite must be determined since the beginning you build your home. Granite is heavy enough although you may apply it not too much. Therefore, the base of the building must be really strong.

Natural Stone for a Natural Minimalist Home Design

The term “back to nature” is really popular currently. Interestingly, it is often applied in urban areas where the forest or river is quite far for them. Sure, you can just find this idea really soothing and refreshing mainly after the hectic schedule all day long. The application of a natural design also tends to make the home look larger and cozier.

The natural stone is also a very good idea for the minimalist facade. The design and texture of this material are considered fitting the minimalist concept well. You can apply it based on the texture of your home.

But similar to the granite idea, natural stones are sometimes quite heavy. You need a stronger and sturdier foundation anyway. Besides, further treatments are needed to remove moss and fungi.

The Stunning Glass Facade Idea

If some years ago the glass facade application is only popular for buildings and offices, nowadays, this idea is adorable also for the home living. The application of glass is really good for the sunshine circulation.

But if you are implementing it wrongly, the effect can be even worse. Your interior can be radiated more and it can be really hot.

Make sure to combine the glass facade with other materials like smooth cement and paint. Besides, it is not too much to have it together with the natural stone and granite ideas.

Interestingly, they can just match with each other. One more thing, glass is a minimalist material in nature. So, you can just make your home living look more minimalist effortlessly with it.


The facade is a very important part in a home living mainly if you are considering the aesthetic sides more. There are many ideas to support it including by applying granite, natural stones, and glasses.

If you want, you can even apply them at once for a greater minimalist home facade design.

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