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Top Smart Home Technology Products to Find in the Market

The term smart home technology is often talked about recently. Many big technology companies compete to produce products to support this necessity. In general, the products refer to tools and devices that utilize the technology “Internet of Things” so that our life is getting easier.

Internet of Things (IoT) is the technology of network that connects physical devices with a simpler operating system. There are electronic components and sensors that are placed inside. The technology is also known also as artificial intelligence. Well, although it sounds really smart, at the same time, it is quite creepy also by remembering how they can take the human’s roles.

But no matter how it is, this technology should not be missed out. There are some best products of smart home technology you must acknowledge. What are they?

Home Smart Technology

Google Home

This smart speaker enables you to control many things. They are including setup alarm, translating words and sentences, taking note events on the calendar, play music, and more. When it is connected to other devices, Google Home can also be used to set up the light and room’s temperature. This device is widely developed by Google. There are some other companies that produce a similar product; they are Amazon with Amazon Echo and Apple with Apple HomePod.

Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat is a smart temperature controller. You can setup the temperature through an app even when you are not at home. The device can also recognize the weather outside and your habit in setting up the temperature. Interestingly, the product can help you to save your spending. For example, it lets you know whether you really need to turn on AC or not.

Samsung Family Hub

This Korean company is also involved in the competition of smart home technology products. One of them is by releasing Samsung Family Hub. Slightly, it looks like a refrigerator. But it has a touchscreen component on the front part. Then, you can do many things through it. They are including making a shopping list, taking a look at the calendar, playing music, and even movies. There is also a camera feature that can take a picture when the door is closed. There is information about the foods inside whether you can still eat them or not.

Smart Mirror

Smart Mirror looks like a big tablet you can hang on the wall. It is multifunctional just like the Family Hub product from Samsung mentioned above. Yes, you can use this device to do many activities including playing music, videos, and more. Sure, it still enables you to do the traditional activity in front of the mirror; it is mirroring.


The rapid development of technology tends to ease you in doing so many things. Aside from Smartphone that anybody must have nowadays, there are products supported by the technology of “Internet of Things. the products are released by big companies including Google Home, Nest Thermostat, Samsung Family Hub, and Smart Mirror. So, are you interested to apply the smart home technology?

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