Tips Cleaning the Floor Tiles Using Kitchen Ingredients

3 Tips Cleaning the Floor Tiles Using Kitchen Ingredients

What are the tips cleaning the floor tiles? If your tiles look dull and difficult to clean, you should not be rushing to place them with the new ones. The dullness is basically caused by dirt and dust that have been accumulated too long. Besides, the age and things to place on are also other factors that influence this matter.

Interestingly, there are actually materials or ingredients you can use to clean the floor tiles and make them look brand new. Those ingredients are even functioned much better compared to the cleaning products in the market. What are they and how are to use them? Check them out.

Kitchen Ingredients For Cleaning The Floor Tiles


Well, it probably sounds really weird. But that’s true; flour is not only to make cakes but also to clean your flour. Particularly in the kitchen, stain and dullness can be caused by oil. Of course, if you are not cleaning it properly since the beginning, it remains a stain that is very difficult to clean up.

Flour can be the best solution for this. You can pour the flour on the oily and stained tiles. Wait it for some minutes and then rub it with a clean look. For the stain that has been aged, you can make a solution from flour and a little water. It is possible also to add cleaning liquid to make it smell good. Rub it with water or a sponge for washing dishes.

Kitchen Ingredients – Flour


The next kitchen ingredient to help you clean the floor tiles is vinegar. Its functions for cleaning things are not something new. You can use it for glass, tiles, and others to make dull tiles to look clean and shiny like new ones.

How is it? Pour the vinegar on the dull and dirty tiles. Wait it for 15 minutes and use a dry rug to rub the tiles. After it has been done, continue by cleaning the tiles using a cleaning liquid product. The cleaning liquid is mainly to remove the vinegar smell that is quite strong.

Kitchen Ingredients – Vinegar

Citric Acid

This ingredient is commonly used to clean fungi during the rainy season. Interestingly, it has many other functions mainly to remove dullness on ceramics and other types of tile. Of course, if there are stains that are difficult to get rid of, you can use it also. the use of citric acid is proven not to give side effects to the materials. Even if you are applying it on the wall, it doesn’t peel off the outer layer.

First of all, you need to prepare the citric acid well. Next, make a thick paste from the citric acid and water solution. Smear the paste on the tiles and wait for around 30 minutes. Rinse tiles with clean water and dry it. The tiles can be simply cleaned.

Citric Acid
Kitchen Ingredients – Citric Acid


Cleaning tiles is not a big deal actually. However, it can be really annoying if the stain and dirt cannot be easily removed. Interestingly, there are some kitchen ingredients you can use to solve this problem including flour, vinegar, and citric acid. Well, they can be the best tips cleaning the floor tiles.

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