Smart Tips for Cleaning the Ceiling

4 Smart Tips for Cleaning the Ceiling

Are you looking for tips for cleaning the ceiling? The ceiling is one of the elements that can be easily dirty and stained. It is more than just the dirt caused by dust. But there are also the spider’s homes and stains due to the activities done below it. Meanwhile, it must be far above so that the ceiling cannot be simply cleaned. If you want to know how to clean the ceiling faster and more easily, here are some smart tips for you.

Tips For Cleaning The Ceiling

Know your ceiling type

The first step to clean the ceiling is by knowing well first the ceiling type applied. Mainly, it is about the materials used whether it is wood, gypsum, plywood, or more. You must know that each ceiling type has different ways to clean. Well, they may not be completely different but there are some details that must be added or lessened.

Start it from the lighter dirt

It is much better and more effective to start it all from the lighter dirt. For examples, they are dust and spider home mentioned above. You can just clean them up using a ceiling broom. Some series of vacuum cleaner are also designed for this necessity. Sure, if you are using the vacuum cleaner, set it up first to clean the lighter dirt. Therefore, you will not damage the ceiling’s materials.

After cleaning the lighter dirt, you can continue it by cleaning the more difficult one. They can be the stain that attaches on it very tightly. Use the proper cleaning tools for this. Manually, you may use the wet rug to rub the ceiling. But of course, it is possible to use a particular vacuum cleaner.

Use safety tools

The ceiling is really difficult to be cleaned for the high placement. It is not exaggerating for sure to use safety tools to reach the area more easily and safely. If you are about to use a stair, your body must be bound well so that accidents like fallen down will not happen. There are actually tools like a special rope to bind you while cleaning home. Unfortunately, it may not be simply found around. If you think you cannot clean your ceiling well by yourself, it is not bad to hire a worker for you.

Keep the ceiling clean regularly

So that you don’t need to put too many efforts in cleaning the ceiling, it is much better to do regular cleaning. You can do it every day or twice a day just like you clean the floor. For this, you even only need to use manual tools like the tall brooms. It is easier, simpler, and not wasting your time.


Compared to cleaning other house’s parts, cleaning the ceiling is indeed more difficult. But you can do it more easily as long as you know how to do it well. Prepare all things needed like the broom, rug, vacuum cleaner, and more. Besides, you must also have safety tools like the rope to bind your body. Make sure to apply those tips for cleaning the ceiling.

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