Tips to Clean Window Glass

Easy and Cheap Ways to Clean Window Glass

Every house must have its windows because it is one of the important things for a house in order to exchange the air. Some people choose a glass window for their houses because they do not have to open it and the light from the sun will come directly. But if we do not know how to clean it properly, it will get dirty easily. Here are some tips for cleaning the glass window (windowpane).

Tips Cleaning The Window Glass Pane

Do not clean the glass when it is a sunny day

Most people think that cleaning the glass when it is a sunny day so they can see the dirty in the glass cleary, but actually if you spray the liquid cleaner or the soap in the glass, the cleaner will be easy to dry and it will make more stain on the glass. Clean the glass when it is gloomy so the cleaner will not get dry easily

Clean it from top to the bottom

So the gravitation of the earth makes the liquid goes from the top to the bottom, if you spray the liquid cleaner from the bottom and clean it from the bottom, you will need extra work for it. But if you spray the liquid cleaner from the top, it will go to the bottom by itself so you do not have to drag or wipe it down, so it like it will “help” you clean the glass

Use the gloves while cleaning the glass with the newspaper

One of the best tips for cleaning glass window (windowpane) is using the newspaper, believe it or not, that newspaper is the best thing to clean the glass and it is also able to make the glass new again.

So if you want to use the newspaper to clean the glass, do not forget to use the gloves so you do not get dirty because of the newspaper

Use your preloved T-shirt to clean the glass

You do not need to spend your money to buy the wiper to wipe every time you clean your window glass, just simply use your unused T-shirt as the wiper. You can also reduce the rubbish of clothes by doing this

Use the cotton bud to clean the corner of the window

Most of the windows have corners and it is hard to clean with something big, you can use the cotton bud to clean this corner so it will be clean.

Final Words

Those are just some of the tips for cleaning the glass window (windowpane) that are easy to be done for most people.

The stuff that is needed for those tips are also not hard to find, most of them are usually found in your house.

Those tips also do not need to spend a lot of money to do since some of the stuff that is needed are preloved or have been used.

The ways to clean the glass windows are also getting easier by doing those tips. 

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