Ideas and Tips Put Closet in A Small Room

Some Ideas to Put Closet in A Small Room

There are some people who like a small room because they do not need to have the big one and they think that small rooms are easier to be cleaned, well that reason makes sense. Probably you are one of them but at the same time you also want to have a closet in your room and you have not gotten any ideas. So here are some ideas of closet design for a small room that you can try.

Tips to Put Closet in A Small Room

Choose the minimalist closet

If you are about to buy the new closet, make sure the height of it has the same height as your room’s height so it will not make any unimportant space when it is already in your room. It is not advised to choose the closet that the wide is bigger than its height because it will need more space in your room

Get the right color for it

Some colors that are recommended to be put in a small room are white, yellow, cream, light grey, or at least the color has the same theme like your room because the light colors will make the room look bigger. Choose the closet that has a mirror on it so you do not have to buy the new mirror and put it in another place, then it will need space again

Choose the closet that has slide door 

If you open the closet that has sliding door the door will stay there and it does not need much space for it, you can put it 10 centimeters from your bed and you can still take out your clothes 

Make your drawer as the divan

Another closet design for a small room that is worth trying is you can make your divan for the closet, put some drawers on the ground then put the bed on it. So you can have a closet and divan at the same time without a lot of space in your room

Stick some hangers on the wall

You just need to buy some hangers then stick it on the wall, the closet will be open closet so it will make you easier too to take clothes, shoes, or bag. It also does not need a lot of space and money to have this kind of clothes, you can simply choose half of the wall and stick some hangers-on it then your closet is ready to use

Final Words

Those are some closet design for small room ideas that you might want to try if you are planning to have a closet but you only have a small room. Closets are needed to arrange your stuff like clothes, shoes, bags, hats, or any other accessories so you will be easier to choose some stuff that you want to wear for that day. Having a closet will also save more space in your room because it is only used to put some certain stuff as it has mentioned above, so every time you want to find something to wear, you only need to go to one place, which is closet. 

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