Tips to Avoid Moss on Your Home Wall

Tips to Avoid Moss on Your Home Wall

Moss is an ordinary issue for any homeowner who stays in a humid area or an area that gets a high intensity of rainfall. Unfortunately, moss could grow almost everywhere. They are often found growing in exterior surfaces such as walls, brick, and even house siding. The growth of mosses in your walls could make your walls look old and dirty. Therefore, here is some tips that you could do to avoid moss and your home wall.

Tips to Avoid Moss on Your Home Wall

Modify Your Landscape

The most efficient moss prevention that you could do is that you have to get rid of the conditions that make your walls favorable places for moss to grow. 

To avoid moss and your home wall you should reduce the amount of shade on your walls by trimming branches of the trees and bushes, so they don’t jut out over your walls or even touch your walls.

Moreover, you should keep your roof clean from the falling leaves or debris, because mosses that grown on your roof can grow and extend to your walls.

Do Preventative Maintenance

Unluckily, you can’t prevent all moss growth, but you can keep it under control with the help of preventative maintenance.

Hence here is preventative maintenance that you could do to avoid moss and your home wall: you need to eradicate moss from your walls when they are still in initial stages of growth.

Therefore, you should keep close eye to your exterior during the beginning of fall. The moss growth could be indicated with black and green discoloration to your walls. Eradicate any indications of growth by brushing or using a pressure washer.

Maintaining the walls clean and dirt, debris, and dust free could also help in preventing the moss growth.

Using Chemical Treatment

There are two types of products that could be used to avoid moss and your home wall. In other words, there are two kinds of low-toxicity products that could be used to kill moss; they are soap-based and acid-based products.

Soap-based products are usually made of potassium salt of fatty acids. Meanwhile, acid-based products are usually made of citric and acetic acids.

Nevertheless, to clean moss growth on your wall, the soap-based products will be your best bet, because if you are using acid-based product, it can damage metal and cause some discoloration to wood, tile and even concrete.

Most importantly, not only kill the moss growth on your walls, but soap-based products could also clean your walls.

However, if your home is located near a lake, or river and any other body of water, or if you have a pond, you should steer clear of using chemicals to clear up moss, because they are toxic to aquatic beings.


All in all, it is impossible for you to prevent mosses from growing on your walls, however you could control their growth. You could try to get rid of conditions that are favorable for moss to grow.

Then, you could also do preventative maintenance to help you in controlling the moss growth. Furthermore, you could also use chemical treatment to control the growth of the moss on your walls. Those above lists are some tips that hopefully could help you to avoid moss and your home wall.

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