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5 Clever Tricks and Tips for Cleaning the Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom might be the worst chores that can drain your energy. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use clever tricks to make things easier to do.

Here are the top 5 tips for cleaning the bathroom in much easier ways.

Have a Clean Bathroom

Cleaning the Toilet

Don’t look for expensive products at the store when you want to clean your toilet. White vinegar can be your toilet’s best friend and make it super clean.

The product is an all-in-one cleaning solution ingredient to help you kill bacteria, mold, and germs in your toilet.

All you need to do is just pour the product at the top of your toilet.

Then, leave the white vinegar for a while before you spray it around the seat and clean the item.

After that, pour the vinegar on a paper towel and then stuff it under your toilet’s rim. Remove the towel and use a toothbrush to scrub under the rim.

Cleaning the Mirror

Do you often find it hard to see your face on your bathroom’s mirror? There is an easy way to clean remove dust, remaining toothpaste, or makeup from the mirror.

Instead of spraying water or cleaning products on a towel on the mirror’s surface, you can try something different.

Just brew 3 bags of black tea and pour it into a spray bottle.

Spray the tea on the mirror and just see how clean the item would be. It is not only effective but also leaves no streaks on the mirror’s surface. 

Cleaning the Hard Water Stains

Are you looking for tips for cleaning the bathroom from hard water stains?

Well, here what you can do.

Just scrub lemon on the metals where the stains found. It is an all-natural and inexpensive trick to get rid of unsightly stains on metal, such as faucets.

As you know that lemon contains acid that becomes a powerful ingredient to break down water stains.

As an alternative, you can soak a towel in vinegar and then use it to wrap the metal. This can be an effective way to remove the stains from the metal.

Cleaning The Shower Scum

See a lot of scums on your shower? Yucks! It’s not good at all.

But, worry no more.

You can get rid of the scums from your shower simply by placing a mixture of dish soap and vinegar into a dish wand bottle.

Scrub the surface of your shower with the mixture and see how sparkling the item will be.

Toilet Brush

How can you make your toilet cleaner if the toilet brush is dirty and smells bad? There is an easy way to help you get rid of germs from your toilet and make it cleaner.

Just pour a little all-purpose cleaner thoroughly on your toilet brush holder. This will result in constant clean on your toilet brush and make it smells good.


Cleaning a bathroom can be very tough. There are ingredients you can easily find at home, such as vinegar, to help you clean all parts of the room.

Those clever tips for cleaning the bathroom will make the room looks stand out and spotless instantly. 

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